About Us

Plena Gratia Designs is really two lifetimes worth of faith, learning, and passion coming together in one place.  

... all that, plus four kids and a dog.

What started as a family project with our oldest (who was at the time 10) where we made rosaries in our spare time to donate anywhere we could, became the shop you see before you now.  Fast forward a few years, the ten year old is now a young adult with three additional siblings, and we do a lot more than rosaries!

When we launched, we called ourselves Mihi Spiritali, which is (improperly conjugated, high school was a long time ago!) Latin for "my spiritual weapon."  Now, we call ourselves Plena Gratia, as we focus much more on the graces we have been given, continue to be given, and the holy message we wish to spread.

Matt and Chrissy are the interchangeable brains and artists behind the work you see here.  We create rosaries still, but now we have expanded to artwork, apparel, housewares, and digital content particularly to support other Catholic businesses (promotion, logo design, social media content). Just as it has, we are sure this journey will continue to shape and change our lives and family, we are so excited to see where it continues to lead us.